From The Fields

Available Right Now at the Market!!

Green Chile is IN!! Your favorite varieties – Alcalde, Big Jim, and Poblanos- available raw or roasted and ready to eat. *** Due to a hail storm on Monday, August 29 roasted chiles are by the bag only due the the damage suffered in the fields. Follow this link for video footage of storm.

Swiss Chard
Salad Mix
Bok Choy
Collard Greens
Cabbage – Green & Red
Onions – Red, Superstar White, Yellow
Carrots – Atomic Red, Gold, Orange Nelson & Purple Haze
Beets – Golden, Chioggia & Red
Tomatos – Sungold Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Defiant
Potatoes – Yukon Gold, Purple Majesty, Red Thumb,  Fingerling
Basil – Purple & Green
Peppers – Padron, Shishito, Jalapeno, Bell, Jimmy Nardello, Bullhorn
Eggplant – many varieties – Fairy Tale, Calliope, Nadia, Barbarella, Clara, Japanese, Rosa Blanca

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