From The Fields

8.4.17 Available Right Now at the Market!!

Green Chile is IN!! Available raw or roasted. Don’t wait to stock up, remember what happened last year!?!

Kale – Curly, Russian
Swiss Chard
Oak Leaf Lettuce Head
Bok Choy
Cabbage – Tendersweet, Arrowhead, Savoy, Faroa
Onions – Superstar, Caberet, Aisla Craig
Hardneck Garlic
Carrots – White , Gold, Orange Nelson & Purple Haze
Beets – Golden, Red Ace
Tomatos – Sungold Cherry
Eggplant – many varieties – Hansel, Calliope, Clara, Bianca, Dancer
Potatoes – Yukon Gold, Red Thumb, Fingerling
Peppers – Padron, Shishito, Jalapeno, Hungarian Hot Wax, Bell, Romanian Sweet
Lemon Balm
Basil – Genovese, Amethyst


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