Romero Farms serves local Santa Fe restaurants and chefs

Matt Romero and Matt Yohalem on Marcy St-3
Il Piatto Chef/Owner Matt Yohalem and Matt Romero on Marcy Street

Following the farm field to table movement which has gained national recognition in the past few years, Matt Romero Farms has formed special relationships with several well known Santa Fe Restaurants. Il Piatto, La Boca and the Palace top the list. After spending Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  at the Santa Fe Farmers Market Matt Romero parks his red pickup and trailer on Marcy Street in downtown Santa Fe.

Matt Yohalem, owner and chef of Il Piatto restaurant is the first customer on the scene. Chef Matt depends on Romero Farms produce for its “quality, freshness, fabulous variety and absolute dependability.”

Chef Yohalem says “we change or menu seasonally depending on what we can get locally and we buy everything possible from the Santa Fe Farmers Market… goat cheese, fruits, mushrooms from the mountain, meats and poultry and produce from Matt Romero.”

Matt Romero and Matt Yohalem on Marcy St.Holding a beautiful purple eggplant in his hand, Matt Romero says “there’s no purveyor in the state that can bring you this in less than 24 hours out of the field… this might have been harvested at 4 o’clock yesterday and it’s being served at 6 o’clock tonight- that’s 28 hours out of the field”.

Chef Matt adds “I can go to the most boutique farmer in the Northwest region who charges the top dollar and Fedexes it overnight to the finest restaurants in the world and it still won’t be that fresh….even if you were to compare other 28 hour window farmers Matt’s quality is still higher.”

Matt Romero’s Marcy Street deliveries often draw a crowd of local Santa Feans and curious Santa Fe visitors as well as neighboring restaurant chefs. Matt’s great Matt R. draws a crowd on Marcy Streetknowledge of vegetables and contemporary farming methods makes for interesting and valuable conversations.

You can find Matt Romero, Romero Farms year round at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market and at the Los  Alamos Farmers Market. Winter hours at the Santa Fe Market are Saturdays from 8am to 1pm and Tuesdays (through November from 8am to 1pm. Click here for more information on the Santa Fe Farmers Market. Click here for more information on the Los Alamos Farmers’ Market.


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