Romero Farms – Dixon, NM

Photo by Anjali Paige Davidson
Photo by Anjali Paige Davidson

Matt Romero, founder of Romero Farms, spent many years as an executive chef before making the change from the table to the farm 13 years ago. He started out caretaking a ten-acre farm before gaining access to his uncle’s 3-acre plot, tractor and tools. Matt’s family and friends ‘lent’ him their fallow tracts consisting of 4 ½ acres in Dixon and 6 acres in Alcalde, New Mexico. In return for that loan, Matt improves the land by farming and keeping it productive.

Romero Farms is a one stop shop at the Farmers’ Market offering a large selection of chilies, greens, herbs, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, cucumbers,  cabbage, squash, and more. Conscious about providing quality, organic produce to the community, Romero Farms concentrates on heirloom varietals picked at their peak.

The Romero family invite people to visit their farm and see real food growing under real circumstances, without chemical sprays and all the little flaws naturally-growing plants endure. Matt feels it is important to keep the small farms alive and educate our children on where their food comes from. “We practice sustainable agriculture [on our farms]”, says Matt. “It’s important for people to know how we grow food and why we do it.”

Starting very small, Romero Farms is now one of the largest vendors at the Santa Fe and Los Alamos markets. Possibly best known for the scent of roasting chilies floating through the market once August hits and continuing through the end of the growing season.

Matt has not looked back on that decision many years ago to leave the kitchen and head to the fields. “The best part is the independence”, he says. “I get to make my own decisions to influence my own life. I can do that on a farm. Being on the farm is liberating. Every day is exciting!”



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